putting your consumer at the heart of your marketing strategy

Centric Consumer is a brand and marketing advisory firm that helps you implement strategies to ensure your company is connecting with your consumers better.  We serve as your strategic marketing arm, your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and partner with various local and national agencies to ensure a seamless implementation of your marketing goals.  Using the voice of your target customers and methods perfected with years of managing and launching large brands, we base our recommendations on what your shopper truly wants from your business.  We love to collaborate with our clients to solve their business issues, whether it's analyzing the marketplace, identifying your unique proposition, or delighting your consumers.  

no 2 plans are the same

We love to collaborate with your team and incorporate their strengths with ours to deliver truly exception results! Our expertise is not in one single vertical, but instead in a broad array of sales, branding or marketing. We don’t provide a cookie cutter process to your business issue. Instead, each consulting arrangement is unique and caters to your goals and what your consumers need from you. This involves a lot of homework upfront, shifting through your past data, teaching your teams how to be amazing marketers and crafting a plan that meets your timeline and budget.

20 years of sales & marketing expertise

The founder of Centric Consumer, Janelle Hanneman Aslam, has an MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelors from Miami University (the one in Ohio).  After graduating from Miami, she worked for Nestle Purina, SC Johnson, Claritin, Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics, Salonpas, and Freshet. Currently, Janelle manages Centric Consumer, alongside several trusted agencies, and teaches marketing at a local university and several conferences and entrepreneur programs.


New Name, Same Service

We changed our name from Start Something Solutions to Centric Consumer Consulting to better reflect our service to you (we do the same for you: reposition based on the market conditions and your point of differentiation).