Anyone who is thinking about working with Centric Consumer, absolutely should! Centric Consumer looked at our marketing from a much deeper point of view than what we have had in the past. We were provided with analytics and a robust strategic plan, and were able to attract new clients, be more proactive, versus reactive in our marketing approach, and be a much better place!
— insurance agency
I gained so much knowledge from Janelle. Not only did she help build a strategy for our marketing team, but also walked us through every step along the way.
— bakeware company
I’ve always been excited to meet and see what ideas she has devised for our business. The owner is forthright and honest about what we need to accomplish in order for our business to grow and has provided local resources outside of their own business when needed. I will definitely use Centric Consumer for future projects!
— gym owner
I’m extremely happy with the services so far and realize I wouldn’t have gotten this new business off the ground if it weren’t for Centric Consumer.
— new wearable product
Janelle is very efficient and on top of her game. I really appreciate her thoroughness and hard work!
— photographer